• property


    secure ownership

    You do not know where exactly your property boundaries are, but you want to secure your ownership.
    In these and similar cases, the advice of a civil engineer is needed.

  • structure


    While realizing your construction projects (plants, pipes or roads),
    you benefit from our many years of experience and qualified employees.

  • Vermessung


    In the very best hands - for more than 35 years!
    Our motto and main concern is to satisfy every customer, regardless of the size of a job.


surveying service, real estate boundaries, industrial survey, bridge survey


Reliable, flexible and innovative

Many years of experience, absolute reliability, promptness, personal individual support, commitment and flexibility make us your partner for all types of surveys. Vermessung Kollenprat based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Carinthia was founded in 1980. Since then we have been working in the following fields:

In the very best hands - for more than 35 years

Our motto and our main concern is to satisfy every customer (at the beginning our focus is consulting), regardless of the size of a job.

In addition, we will help you find the best solution for you in any planning and surveying service at a competitive price. Our expert team consists of qualified CAD technicians, IT specialists and surveying engineers. Thus, you will receive all necessary services from a single company.
DI Dietrich Kollenprat
Kollenprat Dietrich
Kollenprat Dietrich

Private persons

We are your ideal partner for all kind of surveying and construction projects: handling many official procedures, expert assistance in cadastral questions, border disputes, sale and purchase of land, expertise and much more.

Planners and Constructors

Our range of services for architects and construction companies includes commercial, residential, industrial, road, railway, bridge, tunnel and pipeline and sewer construction.


Land development, realization of residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings and the preservation of the line construction and road structures affect every community.

Sustainability, quality and individuality

Sustainability is important to us and is converted into cost-saving and resource-efficient work methods and concepts, where safety always comes first. Regular training and professional equipment ensure the highest quality in working life. Moreover, we find for every customer, individual solution (= individuality) for his concerns.

Give us your trust - as well as many satisfied customers for many years also do!

Worth knowing and current news can be found here. You can find further questions about surveying (cadastre and construction projects) and the corresponding answers in our customer service FAQ category. If you are interested in brochures (cadastral differences, house building, ..) or press reports, please visit our download page.