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Milestones 2010 to now Modernization

Activities in the cadastral field and in engineering sector characterize this period.
Mainly regional projects are processed. Internationally only one project in Asia (Vietnam) makes an exception.

Reflectorless EDM and motorized surveying instruments offer certain rationalizations
The use of drones surveying is also tested
Software-house developments are increasingly being used

After several years of occupation in the biggest civil engineering company of western Austria, the AVT ZT GmbH in Tyrol, Stephan Kollenprat works since the end of 2011 in our office again and brings in new ideas and experiences. In spring 2013 DI stephan Kollenprat completes the last partial test of the Civil Engineer examination.

Milestones 2000 to 2010 building survey, fishing cadastre, TAG

Building survey

Technical survey belongs to the "daily bread" of surveyors - and the technical support of construction projects by civil engineers has obviously proved itself well. This starts with smaller, private developments, such as building a home and extends through to major construction projects. (building survey = motorways, railways, pipelines, roads, bridges, tunnels,..)

For the longer-term and therefore more complex building projects it has also been proven that the construction accounting is to be done by a neutral civil engineer. He should record periodically (measuring) the construction work, calculate the coordinates in the country system, document all this in form of plans and arrange the services according to their position in the LV-pieces (length, area and cubic volume) and so create the monthly bills. Due to the constantly updated documentation a final plan including all fixtures results.

Bauvermessung Endvermessung

Fishing cadastre

A fishing right is usually a spatially limited easement. The announcement of changes (eg change of ownership) is the sole responsibility of the owner. Practice has shown that the documentation lags behind the reality, and thus in many cases the up-to-dateness is not given.

Trans Austria Gas Pipeline (TAG) Loop-II

A construction project of this size (for example - Trans Austria Gas Pipeline) usually is divided into 3 phases: Planning phase, construction, end-documentation

In the planning phase a continuous fixed-point chain should be placed along the pipeline route to create a basis for planning,

Before and during the construction phase, the whole pipelines should be measured in position and height. Furthermore, all fixtures, fuses, cross-border lines, etc should be determined. In addition a pipe book (for billing purposes) should be made.

The existing data should be marked in the final documentation plan.

Pipeline Kontrollvermessung

Milestones of the 90s pipeline surveys, KIS, GPS

Pipeline surveys in Germany

In the 90's, an excellent cooperation with the WINGAS Group in Germany established. During this time we were able to bring in our experience in several pipeline surveys. (natural gas, petroleum)


Cooperation with domestic companies (KIS)

The growing number of clients at some sites and an ever-increasing pressure of time demanded cooperation with other surveyors. In the early 90s, the KIS community established, thanks to which, subsequently, some projects (fibre-optic cables, DKM digitization, etc.) were processed together.

GPS technology

In the very beginning usually more than 3 GPS receivers were used - and the results have been evaluated in post processing mode. Meanwhile, if possible - facilities, as APOS, are used.

Chamber of Engineers (state + federal level)

Since 1994, DI Dietrich Kollenprat assumes various functions in the Chamber of Engineers at the state (Styria and Carinthia) and federal level. These tasks are very time consuming, but they help our profession.

Milestones of the 80s highway surveying, tunnel surveying, bridge surveying

Highway, tunnel and bridge surveying

Surveys of several tunnels of the German railway line Hanover - Würzburg and intensification on highway and bridge surveying.

For bridge constructions, basis networks were provided, bridge main points were staked and after construction everything was controlled again. The survey operations were carried out on more than 150 constructions.


Milestones of the 70s Algeria, Bulgaria, deformation measurements

International projects

Projects in Algeria (Basic surveying and construction surveying of roads, bridges, tunnel), Bulgaria (Terrestrial photogrammetry on facades of the old town renewal) and the Czech Republic (construction surveying for industrial constructions) started. Already at that time, in particular Eastern European and Asian competitors were present.

Deformation measurements

Since the beginning of my professional career, mid-70s, DI Dietrich Kollenprat had to do almost constantly with deformation measurements.

Unchanged through the constant technical development in the field of surveying remained the right arrangement of the measuring points.


Entry in the list of court-appointed experts

In some situations of life it is necessary to examine complex facts by qualified experts. Courts, government agencies, businesses and individuals can commission those expert opinions.