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Property boundaries secure ownership

Gesicherte Grundgrenzen

Your property boundaries have become unrecognizable. The neighbor has been plowed the only landmark by mistake. You do not know where exactly your property boundaries are, but you want to secure your ownership.

In these and similar cases, the advice of a Civil engineer is needed, because the Civil engineer is the only private cadastral officer.

Boundary determination

If the boundary points have been already measured once, have been negotiated and are listed in official documents in the Surveyor's Office, then the boundary determination is a technical problem which can be solved by staking out of the official coordinates.

The boundary points can be restored anytime.

The neighbor is informed of this stakeout by telephone or in writing. If the property has the status of "Grenzkataster", the neighbor should only be informed about the stakeout and the renewal of the markinging.

Border negotiation

If the boundary points (since 1820-1830, graphical cadastral map) have never been measured, then there is no document in the archive of the Survey Office.

The neighbors should be invited to a boundary negotiation in order to ensure the property boundaries. The boundary points have to be fixed with the neighbors, old plans and local certificates will help. Furthermore a plan must be handed to the archive of the BEV (Survey Office). From now on your property boundaries can not be changed again. You secured your ownership.

Usually it happens that mixed conditions (partial survey) exist. Some boundary points already have been measured AND are in official documents - but for the rest there is no precise information. In all these cases the experience of Civil engineer is urgently required.
DI Dietrich Kollenprat

Note: Only after a complete survey of the acutal plot - the land area can be calculated. More information about the history of our cadastre can be found here.

Kollenprat Dietrich
Kollenprat Dietrich