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Object stakeout Construction surveying / House building

Once the plans are completed and the location of the project within the plot can be seen in the plans, the transfer of project coordinates in nature has to be done to ensure the execution quality in the position and height. For this you need stakeout measurements and ongoing checks. There are some types of object stakeouts:

First stakeout process: Showing the limits of a construction for the determination of excavation including correct height levels.
Secound stakeout process: Showing the major axis geometry for the construction of floor slabs (bottom panels), footings and for the brickwork of the buildings.
During the building and construction process a check (control stakeout) provides safety, because at this time small corrections are still possible.

Absteckung Schnurbank

building a house - good to know

Building a home is a big financial und time consuming challenge in life for the majority of the builders. An information brochure gives you an insight into what you should not forget.


Object stakeout Construction surveying / other constructions

Absteckung Kontrolle
Stakeout of other constructions, such as in road construction or supply and disposal systems (gas, water, electricity, telecommunications, sewage). In this case, key points, such as the major axis, minor axis, pipe runs or invisible line elements (eg sleeves) are shown.

Kollenprat Stephan
Kollenprat Stephan
The results of the stakeout are documented in protocols (plans, coordinate lists) and send to the client.
Due to the rapid availability of our survey teams - no waiting periods will occur. This in turn leads to optimal working processes - and reduced costs.
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