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In some situations of life it is necessary to take the help of qualified experts. Judicial or private expert opinions are elaborated in a very objective manner, after very detailed survey and examination.

The main services are thereby created by highly experienced, state authorized and sworn experts.

Clients of all these cited expert opinions can be courts, authorities, companies and private persons.
DI Dietrich Kollenprat
Kollenprat Dietrich
Kollenprat Dietrich

Cadastral issues

Differences between the cadastre and the current-state of nature often lead to disagreements between landowners. Very often this disputes must be clarified by the Court. However, we are first of all trying to solve conflicts out of court through arbitration.

The mixing of different cadastre types and the historical context of different certificates (cadastral plans, VHWs, aerial photographs, records of proceedings, ..) wear for lay increasingly in misunderstandings.

The topics concern:

border disputes
border covered cuts
Land area, living space, rental space
Property appraisals

Technical issues

In the vast number of disputes questions concerning the accuracy and execution quality are to be clarified.

But also questions according the appropriateness in terms of effort and fees are treated.

The topics concern:

Cubature determination (in gravel stations, on construction sites,..)
Determination of construction defects in road construction, bridge constructions, tunnel constructions, pipeline constructions, building constructions and industrial constructions
Legal fees