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Property appraisal value in use calculation

Bestandsplan Zur Nutzwertberechnung

Property appraisal is synonymous with the civil law concept of value in use calculation of home ownership. By value in use calculation, the ratio of ownership shares of each co-owners (eg: House) is determined among themselves. For the first time the calculation key is established (operating costs share, voting, ..).

Property appraisal is the basis for the residential property agreements of all owners.

The area should always be measured and calculated by an authorized Engineering Consultants for Surveying (Zivilgeometer).
The assessment of the situation of the individual apartments, rooms and suchlike must be done by an expert from the construction scene.

Through cooperation with certified colleagues, the overall package property appraisal is fully covered by our office.
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Calculation bases

The basis for calculating the values in use are the surface areas. The respective area is the entire bottom surface of a space minus the wall thickness, walls openings, doorways, staircases, open balconies, terraces, garden and basement and attic spaces, insofar as they are not suitable for residential or commercial purposes.

Circumstances which increase or decrease the value of a concrete apartment compared to other objects in the same house will be considered through surcharges or discounts from evaluation. (Gardens, terraces, balconies, basement and attic spaces,..)