Base survey Network measurements, levellings

To stakeout predetermined points or to fix new base points in the specific national coordinate system a local adaptation is previously required.

Measurements in the specific national system
Position in the correct meridian strip system
Height provision on country-specific levels

In rare cases adequately fixed base points with the required accuracy are close to the construction site. Therefore additional measurements and supplementary measurements must be made in order to densify the amount of points. In agreement with the owner or professional planners, the points are sets.

Great emphasis is put on to the selection and installation of new reference points, which are durable and freezeproof to stabilize in a sheltered position.

In civil engineering projects, especially in steel constructions, millimeter accuracies are usually required and hence necessary.



Network measurements

For preparing or densification of geodetic networks (eg. for tunnels or bridges) close to portals and shafts or abutments and piers and other construction bodies, base points, with sufficient accuracy, have to be installed.



Although the trigonometric height transference provides very good results, leveling measurements will be needed in certain cases, to achieve the required level of accuracy.

Precision leveling double loops with the appropriate equipment is essential.